Capitalizing on Being Woman Owned by Janet Christy is an indispensable how-to for all woman-owned businesses.  Christy's years of experience have resulted in a book that is sure to save the reader a great deal of time and reduce the number of missed opportunities.

Cathy Anderson, member of the original AOL management team, founder of multiple small businesses and currently VP of Marketing for Outdoor Interactive, Inc. in Clemson, South Carolina.
What people are saying about the book: Capitalizing On Being Woman Owned
Capitalizing on Being Women Owned is just the ticket to taking the first step out of your neighborhood and into the broader world of business opportunity.  It motivates and informs.

Susan Phillips Bari, President Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), author of Breaking Through: Creating Opportunities for America’s Women and Minority Owned Business.
This book is a reference guide and resource tool not only for women who own businesses, but also for persons involved in certifying, assisting and buying from Woman Owned Businesses.  It provides a well-rounded understanding of the entire issue.

Elizabeth Nisbet Miller, site inspector for the National Women business Owners Corporation (NWBOC) the first national certifier of women business enterprises.
Capitalizing On Being Woman Owned is thorough, but easy to understand.  It’s as if Janet was sitting in front of me and explaining the process.  Trying to reach these types of prospects can be intimidating without the information and direction of this book.

Susan Linsley, Owner and Head Creative Thinker of Endless Ideas, LLC.
This is the definitive "how to" guide to help women-owned businesses capture Federal, state and local government contracts.  Christy presents a series of practical marketing and selling strategies with a no nonsense approach that is refreshing and inspiring.

Jason J. Friedman, Director of WEB Consulting Services
Women Entrepreneurs of Baltimore, Inc.
“A must read for every woman business owner looking to advance her business opportunities. It is a clear, concise practical guide to this often confusing topic.”

Anne M. Janiak. Executive Director
Women's Enterprise Development Center Inc.  White Plains, NY
I ordered your book "101 Winning Marketing Actions for Small Businesses: online, can't wait to read it. I recommend your first book, "Capitalizing on Being Woman Owned" to everyone who is interested in selling to the Government, regardless of whether they are woman owned or not. The book is easy to follow and you managed to condense into a few chapters what has taken me many years to learn by trial and error - selling to the Government can be daunting if you are a novice. Thank you for the guidance you provide through your writings.

Vilma Betancourt-O'Day
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As the title implies, you CAN take advantage of being a woman business owner if you know when and where gender helps rather than hurts.  There’s always been, and always will be, a good old boys network that predetermines many business transactions.  Christy’s book points the woman business owner in the direction of prospective businesses that place at least some degree of value on the woman-owned aspect. 

Christy obviously has the experience.  Her research and how she shares it can save the woman business owner much time and effort.  The step-by-step presentation asks the right questions at the right time.   Follow it, add your own research, and find for yourself, the government jurisdictions that place a premium on using women and minority owned businesses as vendors.  Then follow her advice for building your own network.

The quantity of information and resources found in this little book are amazing – including the web sites you could spend hours hunting down yourself.  They’re all there.
I’ve seen much larger books with far less information. And it’s organized in such a way that you can easily find the information you’re seeking – whether it’s your first time going through the book or you’re returning to a section in the future to re-read her suggestions for dealing with a specific situation.

Credentials are also important – sometimes mandatory.  The book explains which certifications really add to the credibility of your business and which ones show you to be a serious business person.  If you’re going to invest in building specific credentials, make sure your investment will pay off.  Christy’s book tells you how and why.  

Capitalizing on Being Woman Owned gives you the information and advice you need.  Read it.  Re-read it.  Then, if you’re still interested in owning and growing your own business, get started.  With this little book in hand, you’ll never have to go it alone.

Charlene Broome, Grant Writer for South Piedmont Community College in NC and formerly a VP with Union County NC Chamber of Commerce.