What people are saying about the book:
101 Winning Marketing Actions for Small Businesses
Janet W. Christy
author, consultant, trainer
We are believers in having a mentor to help you through business.  Janet's book is like having that mentor with you at all times. Reminders, encouragement and instructions are a must for any business.  Forget the bookshelf, keep this book on your desk.
Susan Linsley, Head Creative Thinker at Endless Ideas, LLC

What an awesome book!  I believe that everyone who is interested in starting a business should read this first.   It should also be required reading for any company that gets certified as a MBE or a WBE.
Susan Repka, Executive Director of Women’s Business Enterprise Alliance

Doing business is so complex.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own advisor?  Now you do.  Put “101 Winning Marketing Actions for Small Businesses” to work for you.
fMelvin J. Gravely II, Ph.D., entrepreneur and author of “When Black and White Make Green”

Janet Christy continues to amaze me with each new book. "101 Marketing Actions for Small Businesses" is the culmination of her professional wisdom as a business owner and business counselor. She has an uncanny ability to utilize laser-like insight to identify, explain, and provide no-nonsense Actions for Small Business Owners who are serious.
Margaret Woodson, Former Director of South Carolina Governor's Office of Small and Minority Business

‘This is a clearly defined step-by-step ‘workshop in a book’ and is a must have for everyone starting or operating a small business.
Barbara B. League, Chairman & CEO of G.F. League Company, Inc.

“In her book, 101 Winning Marketing Actions for Small Businesses, Janet Christy provides a comprehensive, action-based approach for small business owners. Effective marketing is a cornerstone for any business. This book gives 101 specific action steps to take toward successful marketing and includes plenty of room for planning, jotting notes and keeping track of progress. As the co-owner of a small, woman-owned marketing business, I believe the information in 101 Winning Marketing Actions will be helpful to those just starting out as well as veterans who’ve been in their respective fields for years. As a marketing professional, I found numerous informational gems that will be useful to me!
Jill Pertler, Co-owner, Marketing by Design; Syndicated columnist, “Slices of Life” and Author of
“The Do-It-Yourselfer’s Guide to Self-Syndication”

I like the way the book is well organized using the ACTIONS and then writing about them. I like the use of the web-links and examples as well. I think the writing is clear, simple, and concise.  It is well written and provides practical and logical suggestions on how to address each Action.  It is clear to the reader that Janet is very knowledgeable on these subjects and business owners can trust her suggestions.  
Director of a Business Development program funded by a major manufacturer

"Wow you've done it again -- finally a handbook in plain and simple language that explains the maze of government contracts and connections.  The heavy lifting you have done makes it easier for me to chart my course for business success regardless of industry of company size."
Deb Sofield, Executivve Speech & Presentations Coaching Co.

"I have read the book cover to cover and learned a lot.  Janet has done a nice job detailing some complicated processes -- I'm certain the book will provide valuable guidance for many small businesses."
June Wilcox, President ADEC Group

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